The Imitation learning centre is a network of researchers at CIIRC (Czech Institute of Informatics, robotics, and cybernetics) CTU in Prague. Our goal is to research and promote methods for teaching new skills to robots and enabling them to work side by side with humans or other robots. We create multi-modal human-robot interfaces by integrating skill demonstrations, gestures, natural language instructions, and visualizations. We facilitate planning and scheduling, reinforcement learning, and advanced robot control to support the teaching process, improve the robot's performance, dexterity, and safety.

Available datasets

We have created a dataset for 6DOF pose estimation ...Read more and download in the Datasets section.

Corresponding projects

The activities of Imitation learning centre are supported by several projects. Detailed information about current and past projects might be found in the section Projects (ImitRob , CROW, and Mirracle project).


List of relevant publications might be seen in Publications section.

Social media

You can also find us on YouTube and Twitter

Github page

Our github page: Github